Coat of Arms
 The coat of arms of the district Exaltación de la Cruz is divided into four parts.
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   The coat of arms of our district was created by executive decree dated September 28th, 1940, whereby Municipal Comissioner Alberto Mario Botta empowered the Municipal Secretary to design the symbol representing the historic events of the town.
    The designer was Municipal Secretary José Peluso. In the session held on June 20, 1946, the Honorable Deliberative Council (H.D.C.) endorsed the corresponding order. Present at the meeting were Eduardo Orlando, President of the deliberative body, Luis María Migliaro, Secretary, and José Matalobos, Juan P. Alonso, Pedro Badano and Martín Ponce de León, Councilors.
The design shows four barracks and a silver yarn across them representing the Arroyo de la Cruz Stream.


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