Historical Account
In the XVIIIth century, the district of Cañada de la Cruz, former district of Exaltación de la Cruz, and its inhabitants were under the spiritual administration of the parish church of San Antonio de Areco, where the faithful had to go to comply with the rules of behavior of the Christian Faith. But, due to the long distances they had to travel to the church in San Antonio de Areco on horseback or by carriage, many people did not follow this rule. This is why the ecclesiastical authorities decided to create vice-parish churches within the district to attract more believers once the distances between their places of residence and the places of worship were shortened.  

At that time Francisco Casco de Mendoza owned an estancia in our district and lived near the Arroyo de la Cruz Stream, close to where the current Plaza San Martín lies in Capilla del Señor. There, apart from the original house, stood a small oratory for the family to pray in. And at this point is where our stories are joined:
On September 14th, 1735, the Catholic Church, by means of Bishop Arregui, declared the Casco oratory vice-parish church for Cañada de la Cruz, thus opening it to public worship. It would depend on the San Antonio de Areco parish and be under the charge of Priest Miguel de Leyba. With the passing of time it became a parish church and, when in 1784the district of Exaltación de la Cruz was created, this church was left within its jurisdiction.

Fuente: Noticias, Boletin Informativo Nº 3. Asociacion Pro Memoria   de Capilla del Señor - 14/09/01.

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